Today, Piper Aircraft is the only general aviation manufacturer to offer a complete line of aircraft. From rugged, reliable trainers to a high-performance turboprop, from student pilot to experienced aviator, Piper creates the freedom of flight for everyone.

Some of the Piper Fleet Program benefits include:
– Factory-Direct Customer Service
– 24-Hour Customer Service
– Factory Maintenance Training
– Factory Flight Training
– Fleet Warranty
– Aircraft Paint Scheme Design

For more information about Piper Fleet Sales, please contact your regional representative.


Hans Stancil
PHONE: 772-299-2521
EMAIL: hans.stancil@piper.com


Thomas Nielsen
PHONE: +45 30 30 20 70
EMAIL: thomas.nielsen@piper.com


Chuck Glass
PHONE: 772-299-2830
EMAIL: chuck.glass@piper.com