Bonus Depreciation Still In Place!

bonus Key Points to Remember

  • The aircraft must be new and meet the requirements of the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery Systems (MACRS).
  • The new aircraft must be used for business purposes at least 50% of the time it is flown.
  • The aircraft must be predominantly used in the United States.
  • Tax savings are available on all current Piper models.

Purchase a Piper M600 and receive a pre-tax depreciation deduction for 2016 of $1,575,000*!!! Call your dealer today to find out more and to fly your new Piper home today! For further discussion of the issues affecting the deductibility of depreciation, as well as questions regarding specific tax situation please visit; http://www.advocatetax.com/depreciation/formDepSav.php Get Moving Fast! This Opportunity Won’t Last! *Based on the purchase of a new Piper M600 (standard equipped price of $3,000,000)