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Columbia Air Services Inc. was formed in 1980 to provide aircraft maintenance and a variety of other aviation services at the Groton-New London Airport in Groton, Connecticut. Since its affiliation with Pratt & Whitney in 1984, the company has serviced thousands of turbine engines, and is recognized today for its PT-6 series turbine engine expertise. Its FAA licensed technicians are factory trained in leading makes and models of turbine and piston aircraft. With over 100 years of airframe, powerplant and system maintenance and trouble-shooting experience, you’re Flying In Good Company with Columbia. Columbia Aircraft Sales was formed in 1988 to meet the transitional needs of the region’s general aviation owners and pilots. The company offers aircraft and avionics demonstrations, insurance and financing support, market research and analysis, aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft appraisals, transaction and registration services, and lifetime customer and product support. Columbia Aircraft Sales, Inc., is the exclusive distributor of Piper aircraft in the northeastern United States. Columbia has been proud to represent Piper in New England, NY and NJ for over three decades and will celebrate our 40 year anniversary in 2020.


Meet Our Team

Art Maurice – Principal

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Melissa Duzguner – VP of Administration

Columbia Aircraft Sales, Inc.
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Clay Hammond – Piper Sales

Columbia Aircraft Sales, Inc.
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Jim Celentano – Director of Maint

Columbia Aircraft Sales, Inc.
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Adam Stino – Service Manager

Columbia Air Services, Inc.
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John Tentoni – Chief Inspector 
Columbia Air Services, Inc.
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Leroy Muise – General Manager, Columbia Air Services, BHB-LLC
Columbia Air Services, Inc.
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