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Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Fan-Mei Education Investment Group Co., Ltd, with a registered capital of 100 million CNY and a further increase of 1 billion CNY in the later period. Located at Chengdu pilot free trade zone, Fan-Mei set up a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the world famous Piper Aircraft Inc(U.S.A). As the exclusive dealer of all six models of Piper in China, Fan-Mei will import other fixed wing aircraft and gyroplane.

Fan-Mei is devoted to conduct comprehensive development such as aircraft marketing, leasing, developing and maintaining. Meanwhile, Fan-Me also aim to set up first-class general aircraft development center, academician workstation, and post-doctoral stations in China. Attracting the world’s top aircraft design master and constructying aircraft spare parts production center, simulator research and development center and aviation material supply chain are also Fan- Mei’s duties. At the same time, the company plans to cooperate with local governments and enterprises to set up joint- -venture of 10 aircraft assemble production line, become the agent of 30 models general aircraft, production, and produce, sale and lease all kinds of general aircraft.

Take the cooperation with Piper as the beginning, Fan-Mei will form a industrial gathering center of technology innovation, product development and maturing, product testing service, industrial application etc. And the Group will accomplish the annual output value of 4 billion CNY with the subsidiaries.


Piper is a top brand name widely recognized and respected by the Chinese aviation industry. Piper’s trainers are highly successful and well known in the area of flight training. The M-class aircraft suits the Chinese fledgling business aviation market. Piper’s high-quality and cost-competitive products complement very well Fan-Mei’s reputation as the largest aviation training institute in China, its mature and proven business model, and well-established channels in the Chinese aviation industry.

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