Flight Schools

At this time, the Brand Ambassador program is limited to our partner flight schools and university flight programs. In order to join the Brand Ambassador program, your school must have an all-Piper fleet with at least one aircraft built and purchased within the last 5 years. If your program aligns with this model, your flight school can contact our marketing department with a request to join the program. Piper works closely with your flight school to select an ambassador. Once an ambassador is chosen, they will qualify for exclusive benefits such as merchandise, brand partnerships, and internship opportunities.

Student Pilots

If your school has expressed interest in starting an ambassador program, there are a few items you can focus on in order to set yourself apart from other applicants.

  1. Focus on building your social media profile. Piper looks at followers, engagement rates, and overall content when collaborating with our partner schools to select ambassadors.
  2. Get involved. We select brand ambassadors in good standing with their respective schools that are involved in organizations within the school and community.
  3. Apply yourself in flight training. While each school has different desires in terms of what level of training their brand ambassador is in, the one thing each of our schools has in common is choosing an ambassador who is motivated, with a passion for flying.

Ready to Apply?

If you or your school is interested in joining the Piper Brand Ambassador program, fill out the form below to request your application package.