M350 Overview

Piper Aircraft M350 rendering

Welcome to the
Piper M350

Cruise high above traffic and weather at FL250 in pressurized comfort with a twin-turbocharged piston engine in your luxurious aircraft. Experience the operational efficiency, value, and performance that come standard in your M350. With an advanced G1000 NXi three-screen avionics display and an impressive group of standard safety features, your M350 gives you the flexibility and modern comfort to bring you and your passengers to any destination.

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  • Specifications
  • Avionics
  • Additional Equipment
  • Safety Features
  • Range Map


  • Propeller
    Hartzell 3-Blade
    Composite | Constant Speed
  • Fuel Capacity
    Usable: 120 US Gal | 454 Liters
  • Engine
    Turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A
  • Dimensions
    Wingspan: 43 ft | 13.1 m
    Height: 11.3 ft | 3.4 m
    Length: 28.9 ft | 8.8 m




*Shown with Aspen EFD1000 Standby Flight. Garmin GI-275 now standard.


Standard Features

  • GARMIN G1000 NXi AVIONICS SUITE with GFC 700 AutoPilot
  • GMC 710 AP Controller and Yaw Damper System
  • GCU 476 Keypad
  • Garmin GI-275 Standby
  • GMA-350C Digital Audio Panel
  • GTX 345R Transponder (ADS-B IN & OUT)
  • Garmin FliteCharts
  • Garmin SafeTaxi
  • PiperAire Air Conditioning
  • Speed Brakes
  • Bose A20 Headsets (2)
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Integrated Digital Cabin Pressurization
  • Rosen Shades
  • Pulse Oximeter


Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment

  • SurfaceWatch
  • Enhanced AFCS Enablement
  • Jeppesen ChartView
  • SVT – Garmin Synthetic Vision
  • TAWS-B (Terrain Awareness and Warning System)
  • Flight Stream 510 with Connext (Incl. 1-year subscription to Garmin Pilot)
  • GDL 69A SXM Satellite Radio / Weather (Incl. 3-month trial subscription)
  • GWX 75 Weather Radar
  • GWX 8000 Weather Radar
  • GSR 56 Iridium Transceiver
  • L3 WX-500 Stormscope
  • GTS 825 Traffic Advisory System
  • GTX 335 Second Digital Transponder
  • GTX 345D Diversity Transponder & GTX 335 Digital Transponder
  • Becker ADF 3500
  • BendixKing KN 63 Remote DME
  • FIKI – Flight Into Known Icing
  • 110 volt AC Power Outlet
  • Lee AeroSpace CoolView Windows
  • AMSAFE: AmSafe Seatbelts – Pilot and Co-Pilot Positions
  • United Kingdom Lighting Package


Safety Features

Safety Features

Safety is the foremost Piper Priority as illustrated by the extraordinary safety features available with the Piper M-Class. Each M-Class Aircraft is designed specifically for the owner-operator of advanced high-performance aircraft, integrating an extraordinary combination of industry-leading safety tools, the latest Garmin 1000 NXi avionics and the most thoughtful, intuitive and inspired engineering design in the general aviation industry.

  • Synthetic Vision (SVT): See clearly and navigate safely even when the view through the cockpit windscreen is dark, foggy, hazy or solid IFR. SVT provides a 3D graphical depiction with color-coded landscape identifying rising terrain and hazards, pathways in the sky, traffic, terminal procedures, ILS or BGPS/WAAS vertical approaches, and more.
  • Coupled Go-Around: Your workload is simplified when flying approaches and conducting a go-around in your M350 because you can keep the autopilot engaged during a coupled go-around and the aircraft will maintain a speed above stall warning, automatically adjusting pitch attitude as required.
  • Automatic Level Mode: If you ever find yourself experiencing spatial disorientation in your M350, just push the blue Automatic Level Mode button and the GFC700 autopilot will engage and return your aircraft to straight-and-level flight.
  • Electronic Stability Protection (ESP): Keeping you safe in stable flight when hand-flying your M350, the ESP system functions independently of the GFC700 autopilot and applies control force toward stable flight whenever pitch or roll deviations exceed recommended limits, or when overspeed or underspeed conditions are about to occur. ESP will also automatically activate the GFC700 autopilot if engaged for too long.
  • GTX 335R + GTX 345 = ADS-B IN and OUT: Real-time precision, shared situational awareness, and advanced weather and traffic capabilities for you and the Air Traffic Controllers improves your safety and efficiency of your flights.  Add the GTX 345 to the standard GTX 335R, and you have ADS-B In and Out allowing you to track up to 75 targets within a 40nm range. You’ll even get spoken ATC-like audio alerts.
  • Underspeed Protection (USP): Your M350 will recognize when underspeed conditions are about to occur and cause an inadvertent stall, and will make the appropriate adjustments to the controls to rectify the situation.
  • Emergency Decent Mode: The Piper M350 with Garmin G1000 NXi includes Emergency Descent Mode (EDM). This integrated Flight Deck monitors cabin pressure during flight.  If a pressurization anomaly occurs, the aircraft will initiate an emergency descent to lower altitudes allowing the pilot to recover the aircraft.
Range Map

Range Map

Range map for the M350 displaying the distance from Chicago to Salt Lake City or Phoenix

Chicago to Salt Lake City
1,085 nautical miles

Chicago to Phoenix
1,250 nautical miles

Range map for the M350 displaying the distance from Philadelphia to Oklahoma City or Orlando

Philadelphia to Oklahoma City
1,095 nautical miles

Philadelphia to Orlando
751 nautical miles

Range map for the M350 displaying the distance from London to Madrid or Naples

London to Madrid
679 nautical miles

London to Naples
873 nautical miles

Aircraft Design

At Piper, we believe the exterior of your aircraft should be as unique as you are. Choose from a variety of elegantly designed exterior paint schemes from some of the top creative minds in the industry. Whether you want to make a bold, colorful statement or outfit your exterior with refined luxury, our paint team is ready to help your vision come to life.

With premium leather, carpet and wood/metal trim, the M350 boasts the finest interior in its class. Creature comforts abound with the exclusive Piper air-stair door, power plugs, lighting controls, beverage holders, work table, and seat controls for each passenger.

Design your dream aircraft below using our interior and exterior configurators. Additional fees may apply for full customization.

* Please only select three colors when choosing your exterior. Pinstripes shown offered at an additional cost. Table shown is for Sequoia Interior.  Table finish will match interior accent pieces that are associated with the selected color palette.