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Considering options for your next private aircraft purchase? You deserve to know all the details about what each has to offer. Use these frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the most educated decision about investing in a Piper today.

Booking a Demo Flight

How do I book a demo flight?

Visit our Request a Demo Flight page and complete the on-page form. After submitting, a local Piper dealer will get in touch with you shortly to schedule a demo that works with your schedule.

Purchasing Options

Is financing available?

At Piper, we make it easy and convenient to finance your Piper aircraft. Piper Financial Services is designed for the unique needs of Piper owners, offering a team of aircraft financing experts at your service. Our financial experts can help simplify the process to obtain financing, explain the details of your payment terms to you, provide recommendations for the best solution to meet your needs, and comparison shop among quality lenders on your behalf.

Contact Piper Financial Services today by emailing Greg Renna,, or calling 480-634-6043.

Can I finance with my own bank or credit union?

Yes, you can finance with the financial institution of your choice. We can also facilitate finding the right financing option for you.

Contact Piper Financial Services today by emailing Greg Renna,, or calling 480-634-6043.


Can I trade in my old aircraft?

Our Piper Dealer network will be happy to review your trade in aircraft and advise the best and most efficient way to take the aircraft in on trade towards a new Piper Aircraft.

Does Piper sell any pre-owned aircraft?

Yes. Your authorized Piper Dealer is your trusted source for pre-owned Piper aircraft for sale. Visit our interactive dealer map to contact your local Piper dealer and find a used model that suits your needs.

Ordering Experience

How do I place an order?

Once you’ve browsed our different Piper models and found your preferred aircraft, you’ll want to then find a local dealer to get the process started.

I just ordered my Piper aircraft. What are the next steps?

Once you determine the options, interior selection and paint selection, the order is placed with production at Piper for build. The Dealer will communicate on a regular basis the schedule for completion of your aircraft.

Delivery Information

When will my Piper aircraft be delivered?

The Dealer will advise on a timely basis the proposed completion date for your aircraft.

Where can I get my Piper aircraft delivered?

The Piper Dealer will assist you with your arrangements for delivery and what best fits your needs as to the location for delivery.


Do I need to register my Piper aircraft?

Yes, you will have a dedicated dealer representative and a title company to process your registration and all paperwork needed to get you flying.

Service & Support

What warranty does Piper offer?

Piper’s Warranty on all new aircraft is administered through the Piper Dealer Network. Visit our Piper Warranty page for specifics on Piper Limited Warranties on aircraft and parts.

How can I find my nearest Service Center?

At Piper, we know the importance of having access to service when you need it in order to safely operate your aircraft. Use our Find a Local Service Center map to locate the nearest one to you.

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