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Pilot 100i

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Piper Pilot 100i

Simplicity and value define the Pilot 100i. Your flight training business plan is easily achievable with this unrivaled primary training aircraft. The tried-and-true PA28 airframe and reliable Lycoming engine meet state-of-the-art Garmin G3X-Touch avionics for a trustworthy training aircraft that can be used to train all levels and all certificates. Make your financial targets with no compromises in capability, quality, safety or reliability – uniquely with the Pilot 100i.

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  • Specifications
  • Avionics
  • Safety Features
  • Aircraft Design





  • Standard Configuration
    • GARMIN G3X Touch – Single 10.6” PFD with Connext® technology, configurable as a split PFD/MFD
    • Garmin G5 Standby
    • GFC500 Autopilot with Electronic Stability Protection
    • GNX 375 2” Touchscreen Nav/Xpndr w/ADS B In & Out
    • GNC 255A NAV/Comm Radio
    • GTR 20 2nd VHF COM Radio
    • GMA 245R Remote Audio Panel w/Bluetooth
    • Moving Map, Terrain, Obstacle, and Traffic Alerts, Synthetic Vision, Airport Directory, Flight Data Logging
    • Wet Compass
    • USB Charging Ports
    • LED Wing Tip Lights
    • Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Observer Seat with Headset Jacks and PTT
    • Vinyl Floor Covering
    • School Color Scheme with two Vinyl Trim Colors and Logo
  • Available Options 
    • Am-Safe Seatbelts
    • ESP Disconnect at startup
    • Additional Special Options | Quoted upon request


Safety Features

Safety Features

Safety is Piper’s foremost priority as illustrated by the extraordinary safety features available across the Piper product line. The Pilot 100i is designed specifically for efficient, effective and safe operations. The Pilot 100i is outfitted with Garmin G3X touchscreen avionics with an array of safety tools uniquely suited to flight training.


  • Garmin FliteCharts & Jeppesen Chartview
    • Remove paper from your briefing process and see your aircraft in its georeferenced position on either Garmin FliteCharts or Jeppesen Chartview on-screen chart services (separate subscription required). Simplify your planning, departure, enroute and approach workload by having the chart you need on the MFD when you need it, with a location depiction of the Pilot 100i overlaid.
  • Garmin SafeTaxi
    • Situational awareness on the ground is as important as it is in the air, and with Garmin SafeTaxi, you can display airport diagrams (for over 1,300 airports in the United States, with additional coverage in Europe and Canada) with your aircraft position georeferenced right on the Pilot 100i’s MFD.
  • Synthetic Vision (SVT)
    • See clearly and navigate safely even when the view through the cockpit windscreen is dark, foggy, hazy or solid IFR. SVT provides a 3D graphical depiction with color-coded landscape identifying rising terrain and hazards, pathways in the sky, traffic, terminal procedures, ILS or BGPS/WAAS vertical approaches, and more.


Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design

Piper’s engineering and design teams put generations of expertise and leadership into the design of the Pilot 100i – optimized for flight training efficiency, effectiveness and safety. Students, instructors and training managers will appreciate the durable interior, designed for high flight time training operations.

Piper Pilot 100i


The Cabin Above Class

The Pilot 100i interior is ready for high flight hours while still providing maximum comfort and durability. Highly durable interior features and cabin appointments create the ultimate training environment, with ergonomically designed power plugs, lighting controls and switching. You can even add a third seat for an observer.

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