Archer® TX Overview

Welcome to the Piper Archer® TX

The perfect combination of durability, reliability, comfort and technology – the Archer® TX is the ideal training platform. Students, instructors, and passengers alike will welcome the comfortable, 180 HP Archer® TX with the Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit, and flight school owners will be delighted with the purchase and operating costs of this special trainer.

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522 nm | 967 km Max Range

128 ktas | 237 km/h (75% power) Max Cruise Speed

1,608 ft | 490 m Takeoff Distance*

1,400 ft | 427 m Landing Distance*

*Over 50 ft Obstacle

  • Specifications
  • Avionics
  • Additional Equipment
  • Safety Features
  • Aircraft Design


  • Propeller
    Sensenich 2-Blade
    Fixed Pitch
  • Fuel Capacity
    Usable: 48 US Gal | 182 Liters
  • Engine
    Lycoming O-360-A4M
    Horsepower: 180hp
  • Dimensions
    Wingspan: 35 ft 6 in | 10.8 m
    Length: 24  ft | 7.3 m
    Height: 7 ft 3 in | 2.2 m




  • Standard Features
    • Dual GIA 64W NAV/COM/GPS
    • GSU 75 ADAHRS Computer
    • Garmin FliteCharts
    • Garmin SafeTaxi
    • GMA 1360 Digital Audio Panel
    • GTX 335R Transponder
    • Aspen Standby EFD1000
  • Other Equipment
    • Tail Strobe Light
    • LED Wing Tip Recognition Lights
    • Overhead Air Distribution Blower Fan
    • USB Charging Ports
    • Cockpit Stowage Pouches (Upper and Lower)
    • CO Detector
    • Paint Scheme with Two Vinyl Trim Colors and Logo
    • Low-Noise Exhaust Resonator
    • Cockpit Assist Handle



Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment

  • Enhanced AFCS Includes ESP (Requires GFC Autopilot option)
  • Jeppesen ChartView
  • GTX 345R Transponder with ADS-B In (Exchange for Standard or GTX 335R Transponder)
  • GDL 69A SXM Satellite Radio / Weather
  • SVT – Garmin Synthetic Vision
  • Two (2) Bose A20 Noise Cancelling Headsets with Battery Pack
  • (FlightCom) Intercom System
  • TAWS-B (Terrain Awareness and Warning System)
  • BendixKing KR 87 Remote ADF
  • BendixKing KN 63 Remote DME
  • GDL 59 WiFi Data Link
  • Vision 1000 (Appareo Flight Monitoring System)
  • Flight Stream 510 with Connext
  • GTS 800 Traffic Advisory System
  • GFC 700 Autopilot
  • Wet Compass
  • AOA – Angle of Attack Indicator
  • Lycoming Fuel Injected Engine
  • PiperAire Air Conditioning
  • Vinyl Floor Covering (Exchange for Standard Carpet)
  • United Kingdom Lighting Package
  • AmSafe Seatbelts – Pilot and Co-Pilot Positions
  • Non-Standard Paint Color – Top
  • Non-Standard Paint Color – Bottom
  • Non-Standard Approved Paint Scheme
  • Cargo Net – Baggage Compartment

Safety Features

Safety Features

Safety is Piper’s foremost priority as illustrated by the extraordinary safety features available across the Piper product line, and trainers are no exception. The Archer® TX is designed specifically for efficient, comfortable and safe single-engine flight training. The LX is outfitted with the latest Garmin G1000® NXi avionics and the most thoughtful, intuitive and inspired engineering in the general aviation industry.


Optional Enhanced Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS – additional equipment required)

  • Electronic Stability Protection (ESP): Keeping you safe in stable flight when flying your Archer® TX, the ESP system functions independently of the GFC700 autopilot and applies control force toward stable flight whenever pitch or roll deviations exceed recommend limits, or when overspeed or underspeed conditions are about to occur. ESP will also automatically engage the GFC700 autopilot if exceedences are sustained too long.
  • Automatic Level Mode (Blue Button): If you ever find yourself experiencing spatial disorientation in your Archer® TX, just push the blue Automatic Level Mode button and the GFC700 autopilot will engage and return your aircraft to straight-and-level flight.
  • Underspeed Protection (USP): Your Archer® TX will recognize when underspeed conditions are about to cause an inadvertent stall and make the appropriate adjustments to the controls to rectify the situation.
  • Coupled Go-Around: Your workload is simplified when flying approaches and conducting a go-around in your Archer® TX because you can keep the autopilot engaged during a coupled go-around and the aircraft will maintain a speed above stall warning, automatically adjusting pitch attitude as required.
Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design

Piper’s engineering and design teams lead the industry in designing aircraft for the owner-flown class of aircraft. Ergonomic controls, seats built for comfort, avionics placement and design, coupled with built-in durability and components chosen for reliability. Your students and instructors will appreciate the quality design and care in their Archer®.

Archer® TX

Archer TX interior shot

The Cabin Above Class

The Archer TX interior is ready for high flight hours while still providing maximum comfort and durability. The Archer TX interior is specifically designed for the training environment. Creature comforts abound with high-end carpet and interior appointments, power plugs, lighting controls, and seat controls for each passenger.

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