Don’t Be Overwhelmed With Flight School Options

With so many places to turn to research flight schools, it’s hard to know where to start. It can also be hard to find the most professional and reputable schools that offer the best in pilot training or use the leading brands in trainer equipment.

That’s where Piper Aircraft comes into play. Our <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong><a href=”/flight-schools/”>flight school map</a></strong></span> showcases our Piper Flight School Alliance — the best of the best in flight schools that offer Piper Trainer Class aircraft for their students.

Use Our Flight School Map To:

  • Easily browse and learn more about elite flight schools near you that train using Piper Trainer Class aircraft, the brand trusted by aviation professionals around the world
  • Help you find the right school for you so you can get started working on your dream career
  • Search for schools by location throughout the U.S.
  • Find additional details about each flight school
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The Most Popular Training Aircraft in the World


Reliable. Durable. Simply the best twin-engine trainer in its class.

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Piper Seminole

Archer® TX

Comfortable. Technologically advanced. This single-engine piston is the ideal training platform.

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Two aircraft flying, both Archer TX trainer class from Piper Aircraft

Archer® DX

The leading choice and “green” alternative option in diesel-powered trainers.

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Piper Archer DLX aircraft

Pilot 100i

Capability, quality and value at their finest. An unrivaled primary training aircraft.

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Piper Pilot 100i Aircraft

Hear It From Successful Student Pilots

At Piper, we understand how hard it can be to find the right flight school that’s in an area you’re interested in, that offers the training you’re looking for and that suits your career goals. Let Piper be your guide to browse elite flight schools that offer top-of-the-line aircraft and all-star training.


Captain Joe smiling in cockpit of plane

“During my entire flight training, I primarily flew Piper planes. What stood out to me, as my training progressed, switching from the cadets to the more advanced Arrows and then to Seminoles, the cockpit layouts were very similar. No matter which model I got in, I immediately knew my whereabouts due to the matching setup. It reduces the stress for the flight students, not having to learn each new cockpit environment!”

— Joe  (a.k.a. “Captain Joe” @FlyWithCaptainJoe) | Renowned Aviation Content Creator and Boeing 747 Pilot

Fly to New Heights

Piper Makes the Process Easy

1. Browse Our Flight School Map

Our Piper Flight School Alliance represents those flight schools and universities that have put their trust in the Piper brand by adding new Piper training products to their fleet. Prospective students like you can easily browse these elite flight schools by viewing our flight school map to learn more about each option.

2. Visit Your Preferred Flight School’s Webpage

Found top flight schools you’re interested in? Visit their information page directly from our flight school map to easily find each school’s website address, phone number and physical address so you can quickly contact or learn more about each one you’re considering.

3. Contact the Flight School

After you’ve done your research, you can then easily get in touch with your preferred school to get started on the path to your dream career!


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