Piper M600/SLS Plane

Safety. Luxury. SupportMeet the Piper M600/SLS

The first general aviation aircraft certified in the world with Garmin Autoland, the M600/SLS is the ultimate in safety and luxury from the M-Class lineup. Designed with the pilot and passengers in mind, this model offers operational simplicity, advanced safety features with the most sophisticated avionics available, and a luxury appointed interior. The peak in safety, luxury and support from the M-Class lineup.

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Piper’s Ultimate Care Program

With the M600/SLS Ultimate Care Program you can feel confident knowing you’re maintaining your aircraft to the highest level and the lowest costs. Designed to complement your warranty, this worry-free maintenance program follows the latest maintenance recommendations and all scheduled maintenance to 1500 hours or the 5th annual inspection of your new aircraft.

Legacy Flight Training On-Site Flight Training

Using our exclusive M600/SLS training provider — Legacy Flight Training — qualified pilots receive a one-week training course at one of our authorized training locations in Vero Beach, FL, or Scottsdale, AZ. Both locations offer multiple full-motion simulators representative of the latest model M-Class aircraft, state-of-the-art classrooms, standardized training curricula and more.

Hand-Crafted Customized Interior

With a sublime and beautifully appointed interior, Piper takes luxury to even greater heights with the EXP package — now standard in the M600/SLS.

Global Support

Our world-class customer service is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide support.

Comprehensive Warranty

Our warranty program offers excellent coverage on all new Piper M600/SLS aircraft.

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