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Kyle Hooker

Story Showcase

My love for aviation, and Piper Aircraft, dates back to the Fall of 1999 in Knoxville, Tennessee (KTYS) where I obtained my Private Pilot’s License in approximately 6 weeks at age 19 and proceeded to get all of my licenses and ratings up to and including CFI. My grandfather, Linton N. Tibbetts, OBE, had an airline in the 70s called Red Carpet Airlines where he had a fleet of DC-3’s and Convairs flying mainly between Florida and the Cayman Islands, so aviation was in our blood! The flight school where I trained at exclusively had an all Piper fleet; so Piper was all I knew and is the manufacturer in which I have the most time, split between the Cherokee Warrior, Archer, Turbo Arrow, Seneca, Aztec, Navajo, Chieftain, and now the Meridian M500 and M600. Most recently we acquired a new M600 from Piper to support the needs of our company, Tibbetts Lumber Co.

It is exciting to see what Piper Aircraft has done for our company to allow us to grow, our executives to be home at night due to ease of travel, and the care that Piper builds its products with. Safety is first and foremost what Piper stands for along with quality, ease to fly, and just a superb product overall! We are excited to see what the future holds but Piper Aircraft will certainly play a huge role in our growth and our work quality of life!

Kyle Hooker

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