VERO BEACH, Fla., February 23, 2016 – Piper Aircraft has announced the order of 15 additional Archer TXs to ATP Flight School. The delivery comes as part of the original three-year agreement made in April of 2013 for up to 100 aircraft.

ATP, America’s largest flight school, specializes in airline pilot training and pilot career development. The school initially agreed to purchase a fleet of 15 Piper Archer TX single-engine, piston-powered advanced training aircraft for delivery in late 2013, with the option for 85 additional Archers.

“This follow-on fleet transaction is a display of ATP’s ongoing confidence in Piper Aircraft,” said Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott. “Our training aircraft continue to impress students and instructors, delivering unmatched performance with countless hours of flight school training around the world.”

“ATP has been transitioning our fleet to Piper aircraft because they offer reliability, technological flexibility in cockpit avionics and instrumentation, and unsurpassed operational economy,” said ATP Vice President Jim Koziarski. “We look forward to integrating these new Piper Archer TXs into our fleet.”

ATP Piper Archers are primarily utilized by ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program students. This program provides students with an airline-sponsored career track from zero experience to airline pilot job in just two years, demanding a technologically advanced and reliable training platform to meet the professional training objectives of the program. Satisfying this role, the Archer has easily integrated into ATP’s fleet and provides students with a seamless transition to ATP’s multi-engine fleet of over 100 similarly equipped Piper Seminoles.

As the need for more single-engine Piper training aircraft increases, ATP has been exercising their option to take additional Archers – continuing to transition to a predominately Piper training aircraft fleet. At this rate of increase, Piper will have delivered 70 of the 100 training aircraft to ATP by the end of 2016.

All of the new ATP airplanes under the agreement with Piper will be equipped with Garmin G500 glass cockpit avionics suites. The G500 is a PFD/MFD dual-screen electronic flight display. Dual 6.5-in. LCDs, mounted side-by-side in the bezel, put both Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) capabilities directly in instructor and student field of view to help streamline instrument scanning and enhance situational awareness.

About the Piper Archer TX

As a classroom, the Piper Archer provides everything needed to learn to safely fly. Standard instrumentation includes the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit system, a perfect mixture of low workload and high technology. Piper’s specially created flight school interior designed to withstand the rigors of flight training, is standard, and the option for factory-installed air conditioning adds to the Archer’s appeal as a training aircraft. It is powered by the 180 hp Lycoming 0-360-A4M and offers 128 ktas / 237 km/h cruise speed.

About ATP Flight School

In 1984, ATP pioneered accelerated multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers from zero time to 1500 hours, with CFI jobs and airline employment. Addressing the pilot shortage, airlines attract new pilots to the industry with ATP’s Tuition Reimbursement Program, where airlines sponsor a portion of pilots’ flight training loan repayment. Committed to providing professional training at all stages of a pilot’s career, ATP provides type rating certification across most of the Boeing and Airbus fleet and ATP-CTP certification. ATP’s 266 aircraft fly 150,000 hours annually to provide more than 4,500 FAA pilot certificates each year. As America’s largest flight school, ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation’s regional airlines. Learn more at

About Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft, Inc., headquartered in Vero Beach, Fla., offers aviators throughout the world efficient and reliable single- and twin-engine aircraft. The single-engine M-Class series – the M600, Meridian M500, M350, and Matrix – offers businesses and individuals elegant performance and value. The Twin Class Seneca and Seminole balance proven performance, efficiency, and simplicity in twin-engine aircraft. The Trainer Class Archer TX, Archer DX, Arrow, Seminole, and Seneca aircraft form the most complete technically-advanced line of pilot training aircraft in the world. Unparalleled service and support is offered through a network of 38 dealers and nearly 100 service centers worldwide. All Piper airplanes feature advanced Garmin avionics in the cockpit. Piper is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

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