Piper AircraftLakeland, FL., April 9, 2024 – Piper Aircraft, Inc. today announced the purchase of five Archer TX and five Pilot 100i aircraft for Hillsboro Aero Academy, a global leader in airplane and helicopter pilot training. The first delivery of these aircraft is scheduled for early 2027.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Hillsboro Aero Academy in supplying cutting-edge training aircraft and look forward to welcoming them into the Piper Flight School Alliance,” said Ron Gunnarson, VP of Marketing, Sales & Customer Support at Piper Aircraft. “Piper is known for providing flight schools with durable and reliable trainers, and we’re confident these aircraft will help them grow their mission to provide thorough and cost-effective flight training to students in the world’s finest training aircraft.”

Aligned in their unwavering dedication to safety, quality, and student achievement, Hillsboro Aero Academy and Piper Aircraft continue to shape the future of aviation together with the purchase of these 10 new Piper trainers to add to their fleet.

“Our commitment at Hillsboro Aero Academy is to provide top-notch training for our students, and these new aircraft will be pivotal in achieving that objective. The Piper brand represents aviation excellence, and we’re positive these aircraft will equip our students for success in their aviation careers,” stated Nik Kresse, Vice President of Airplane Operations at Hillsboro Aero Academy. “We are pleased to announce the purchase of these 10 new aircraft from Piper, and look forward to this new partnership.”

About Hillsboro Aero Academy

For four decades, thousands of pilots from more than 75 countries have started their career paths with
Hillsboro Aero Academy, earning us a global reputation as one of the world’s top flight schools. Our focus on career readiness is still matched by our founding belief in personal attention, mentorship, and support. HAA delivers an extended visa option for international students, an industry-leading reputation, the industry’s top safety certification, and one of the world’s most diverse flight environments.

About Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft Inc., headquartered in Vero Beach, Fl., offers aviators throughout the world efficient and reliable single and twin-engine aircraft and is the first general aviation aircraft manufacturer in the world to certify Garmin Autoland. The single-engine M-Class series – the M700 FURY, M500, and M350 – offers businesses and individuals elegant performance, value and a superior ownership experience. The Personal Class, Archer LX and Archer DLX balance proven performance, efficiency, and simplicity in a piston-powered aircraft. The Trainer Class Pilot 100i, Archer TX, Archer DX, and Seminole aircraft form the most complete, technically-advanced line of pilot training aircraft in the world. Piper is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. To learn more about Piper Aircraft, visit the company’s website at www.piper.com.

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