VERO BEACH, FL. April 6, 2022 – Piper Aircraft, Inc. announced today the selection of two new brand ambassadors at the University of North Dakota. The new Piper brand ambassadors will replace recently graduated seniors, Carly Shukiar and Mike Trost.

The brand ambassador program is a collaborative initiative between Piper Aircraft and its flight school customers that is designed to increase awareness of the aviation degree pathways offered by the schools and provide a glimpse into the life of college students pursuing a flight education. The initiative is expected to create a community of like-minded aviation enthusiasts with a career interest in aviation.

Together, Piper and the team at the University of North Dakota coordinated the application process which resulted in thirty-four (34) highly qualified applicants. The final selection was based on the individual’s enthusiasm, versatility and passion. University of North Dakota freshman, Carson Calhoun and junior, Piper Hechtl, have been selected and will join a team of four other ambassadors – two from the University of North Dakota as well as one from Purdue University and one from Minnesota State University at Mankato. The brand ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their personal training journey stories using social media channels like Instagram as well as speak about the aerospace program and campus life experience.

“Piper and Carson both hold FAA Private Pilot Certificates and are currently working on their instrument rating. Additionally, they are pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics with a major in Commercial Aviation. We look forward to both Piper and Carson sharing their training experience and providing a glimpse into the exciting life of a pilot in training”, said Jackie Carlon, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications. “Their high energy and passion for aviation make them ideal Brand Ambassadors for Piper Aircraft and UND. We look forward to following their aviation journey.”

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