Piper Aircraft Inc. delivered a new 2012 pressurized single-engine Piper Mirage to an Australian manufacturer on Dec. 15.


The airplane has been purchased by Pressfast Industries, Pty Ltd, an Australian-owned company situated in the East of Victoria that produces high volume pressed metal products. Pressfast Industries manufactures automotive, commercial and domestic metal pressings and fixtures.  


Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott said, “This Mirage sale, which was consummated this past March at Avalon, the Australian International Airshow, reflects Piper’s growing influence and wider market penetration in this important part of the Asia/Pacific Region.”


Pressfast will base the airplane in Moorabin near Melbourne and fly it primarily for business purposes between there, Sydney and Brisbane. The company previously owned a Piper Aerostar, Piper Turbo Arrow and a Piper Seneca II. Piper Australia Aircraft Sales Pty Ltd arranged the sale.

Caldecott said, “Combining the comfort and safety of cabin pressurization with the economy of a single piston engine, the 6-place Piper Mirage provides great flexibility when planning missions and is well-suited to the Australian geography and flying conditions.”  If headwinds are a factor at higher altitudes, pilots can fly lower without the concern of increased fuel burn and less range. And pilots can take advantage of a strong tail wind at higher altitudes, in the comfort of a pressurized cabin.


The Mirage offers 213 ktas, 1345 nm at long range cruise, 25,000 ft operating altitude, a 5.5 PSI cabin pressurization, and Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) approval. The Piper Mirage is suited to the challenges of operating in areas where weather is inclement or the terrain inhospitable at lower altitudes.


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