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Introducing the Piper Archer LX, where customization meets luxury — without breaking the bank. This sleek and versatile aircraft offers a wide range of customizable options. With its plush leather interior, advanced avionics system and fuel-efficient engine, the Piper Archer LX delivers a truly next-level flying experience at an affordable price point.

128 ktas | 237 km/h Max Cruise Speed

522 nm | 967 km Max Range

14,100 ft | 4,298 m Max Approved Altitude

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Piper Archer LX

Next-Level Safety Features


Stay secure in the skies with the Piper Archer LX’s advanced safety measures. Equipped with cutting-edge Garmin G1000 NXi avionics, this aircraft sets a new standard for efficient, luxurious, and safe personal flying. Experience peace of mind with features like Electronic Stability Protection, which automatically maintains stability during flight, and Automatic Level Mode, ready to bring your aircraft back to level flight in case of spatial disorientation. With Underspeed Protection and Coupled Go-Around functionality, the Archer LX ensures a safe and effortless flying experience for you and your loved ones. Please contact your local dealer for details.


Customize Your Flying Experience


Tailor your flying experience to your liking with the Piper Archer LX’s customization options. From choosing the interior upholstery materials and colors to custom avionics configurations and exterior paint schemes, the Archer LX allows you to create an aircraft that reflects your unique style and preferences, making every flight truly your own.


Unbeatable Support

Global Customer Support

We’re here for you 24/7. Our dedicated customer support team is just a call away, ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. With our global network of over 80 independently owned and operated approved Piper Service Centers, you’ll have access to in-service product support and assistance wherever you are. And through our partnership with Aviall and its extensive network of more than 40 customer service centers, we ensure that parts and materials are always readily available for your convenience.

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Piper Warranty Program

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our excellent warranty coverage for all new Archer LX aircraft. The Piper Warranty Program includes a 5-year warranty for the airframe and systems, as well as Garmin® avionics, providing comprehensive coverage for parts and labor. Rest assured that your Archer LX is protected by industry-leading warranties, ensuring your investment is safeguarded. Please contact your local dealer for details.


The autopilot gets props for its smooth, small inputs and corrections, which make the flight comfortable for pilots and passengers alike. The panel setup makes training for the instrument rating almost too easy but is certainly wonderful for the owner-pilot.

— Pia Bergqvist, FLYING Magazine

I was immediately impressed with the build quality and attention to detail from the beautiful leather seats, the flawless avionics, the air-conditioning and ventilation system, the beautiful custom paint job and, of course, the safe and predictable flying qualities of the Archer. My Archer enables me to travel for fun throughout the United States. I can visit family, fly with friends and do it all with great efficiency and at a very acceptable cost per operating hour.

— John Cronin, Archer LX Owner

Remember to enjoy the journey and let the Piper Archer take you wherever you want to go. In this aircraft you will learn how to become a safe pilot and experience the simplicity and the fun. Standard equipped with four top-of-the-art leather seats and the Garmin G1000 NXi Suite, the Piper Archer has all you need when it comes to comfort and technology.

— European Aircraft Sales


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