Superior Performance,
Sophisticated Features

Unmatched in safety, luxury and support, the Piper M600/SLS is the first general aviation aircraft certified globally with Garmin Autoland. This Piper M-Class model offers next-level safety features, sophisticated avionics and a luxurious, customizable interior that set the bar for general aviation aircraft in the industry.

1,658 nm | 3,071 km Max Range

274 Ktas | 507 km/h Max Cruise Speed

30,000 ft | 9,144 m Max Approved Altitude

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Best-in-Class Safety


The Piper M600/SLS features the most advanced avionics for a single-engine turboprop aircraft: the Garmin G3000® avionics suite. Featuring touchscreen controllers, 60/40 Mode with enhanced map display and a fully integrated flight control system, the Garmin G3000® avionics suite has everything you need to fly worry-free.

The Piper M600/SLS also features the HALO Safety System, including the revolutionary Garmin® Autoland. Included standard with each aircraft, this system uses autonomous technology to quickly and safely land the aircraft at the nearest suitable airport in the event of an emergency.



Halo Safety System logo


The Halo Safety System Includes:


Garmin Autoland

Garmin Autoland’s algorithms consider runway length, time, wind, fuel, weather and glide path to determine the best airport for landing. The system automatically controls:
• Gear Extension
• GRA 55 Radar Altimeter
• Auto Throttle
• Flaps
• Braking
• Fuel Shutoff

Automatic Level Mode (Blue Button)

Returns the aircraft to a wings-level attitude with zero vertical speed at the push of a button.

Hypoxia Recognition with Automatic Descent Mode

Monitors pilot activity when the autopilot is engaged above 14,100 ft. If needed, it brings the aircraft to a lower altitude to allow recovery from hypoxia. If the pilot does not immediately recover, Autoland will activate and land the aircraft.

Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)

Prevents the onset of stalls, spins, steep spirals and loss of control. ESP creates a soft barrier to flying outside the performance envelope.

Synthetic Vision

Provides ultimate situational awareness even in limited visibility.


Features a highly detailed, geo-referenced airport map that displays your aircraft’s position on the airfield with an overlaid map of hold-short lines.


Syncs with SafeTaxi maps to display all ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles for increased situational awareness.


Directs you to the correct runway for takeoff, approach and landing using clear visual cues.

Flight Stream 510

Uses a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled gateway to streamline your workload by connecting preflight planning from your mobile device to the G3000 avionics suite.

Auto Throttle

Automatically adjusts the aircraft’s power settings based on the preset flight profile — from climb-out to the landing approach.

Take Luxury to New Heights


Whether flying for business or pleasure, the Piper M600/SLS provides you with exceptional cabin comfort.

Choose from multiple sophisticated interior color palettes, stitching patterns and contrasting threads to choose from. Personalize your Piper even further with custom embroidery and badging. The Piper M600/SLS offers a sense of unmatched refinement among single-engine turboprops with hand-selected leather, veneer and trim finishes.

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Support at the Highest Level

Ultimate Care Program

Piper owners can enjoy unparalleled service and peace of mind from our M600/SLS Ultimate Care Program. Designed to complement your warranty, our program follows the latest maintenance recommendations and provides all scheduled maintenance to 1,500 hours or the 5th annual inspection of your new aircraft. With the M600/SLS Ultimate Care Program, you can fly worry-free, knowing your aircraft receives the highest quality care for the lowest possible cost.

Man wiping the nose of a Piper Aircraft

Global Customer Support

Have questions or concerns? Our customer support is on-call 24/7. We offer a global network of more than 80 independently owned and operated approved Piper Service Centers for in-service product support and assistance. We also partner with Aviall and its network of more than 40 customer service centers to ensure parts and materials are always available.

Piper Warranty Program

Piper offers excellent warranties on all new M600/SLS aircraft.

• Piper airframe and systems: 5-year warranty Garmin ® avionics and a 5-year warranty for parts and labor

• Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A powerplant: 7-year/2,500-hour warranty

• Hartzell Propeller: 5-year/1,500-hour warranty on Hartzell products installed by Piper


I use the M600 to support our airshow business, Chambliss Aerobatics. The M600 is used to transport team members and spare parts for our airshow airplane. Its range, payload and versatility make it the perfect plane for my business. The M600’s speed and handling qualities make it a sheer joy to fly, and that makes it the perfect airplane for me.

Kirby Chambliss
RedBull Pilot & Team Chambliss Owner

I end up using my airplane (M500) for business and pleasure. I can go to a business meeting in the morning and return in the afternoon to be home with my family. It has the capability, the performance, the all-weather ability of it. I like the feeling of being able to do things on my schedule and my timelines without all the extra hassle that air travel has turned into.

Mark Van Berkel
M500 Owner

It’s a game-changer. The M600 is just a different plane. It’s different in the way it flies, it’s different in the way it handles on the ground, it’s different in the way it handles for the pilot. The safety features are just absolutely amazing. The fit and finish is probably the best that Piper’s ever provided. And the service has been beyond what I ever expected.

Lance Boxer
M600 Owner

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