When it comes to choosing your personal aircraft, the range of options can be overwhelming. Every Piper aircraft has its own unique features to suit your individual needs. That’s why we’ve put together a comparison guide to help you find your own personal Piper Aircraft. Check out our guide below and find the best fit for you!



For the High-Tech Pilot


As the first aircraft in its class outfitted with the new HALO Safety System, the Piper M600/SLS harnesses the power of advanced avionics for enhanced situational awareness. In addition, innovative autonomous safety features like Garmin Autoland offer peace of mind that you and your passengers will arrive safely, no matter what happens.

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For The Speedmaster


With a 260 kt max cruise speed, the Piper M500 will get you where you want to go — and fast. And since it’s outfitted with the Garmin G1000 NXi Avionics Suite, you’re sure to get there safely, too.

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For the Cross-Country Pilot


With a maximum range of 2,487 km, the Piper M350 packs some serious endurance. And with a luxury cabin interior outfitted in premium leather, carpet, custom trim and creature comforts galore, you’re sure to be set for the long haul.

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Piper M350 aircraft

For the Novice Pilot

Archer® LX

As one of the most recognizable personal aircraft on the market today, the Piper Archer® LX is the perfect plane for both experienced and newer pilots. Standard equipped with a 180-horsepower Lycoming engine, Garmin G1000 NXi avionics and a stylish interior, the Archer® LX is an elegant and reliable aircraft to develop your flight skills.

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Air to Air image of the Archer LX

For the Frequent Flyer

Archer® DLX

The Archer® DLX is specifically crafted for efficient, luxurious, comfortable and safe personal flying. Bringing together the reliability of the LX model and the power of a Continental CD-155 diesel engine, the Archer® DLX is perfect for the city-hopper and the recreational pilot alike.

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Piper Archer DLX aircraft

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