Your Piper Questions, Answered

Want to learn more about Piper Aircraft? Explore some of our most frequently asked questions and get to know our company and the aircraft we love.

Our Company

  • Who started Piper Aircraft?

    Piper Aircraft was founded in 1937 by William T. Piper when he purchased the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company. He sought to develop private aircraft that were simple to operate and low cost — even in the Great Depression — starting with the now-iconic Piper Cub. Learn more about the history of Piper online today.

  • Who is the CEO of Piper Aircraft?

    The current Chief Executive Officer of Piper Aircraft, Inc. is John Calcagno. The U.S. Air Force veteran was named CEO in 2021 after serving 11 years as Piper’s Chief Financial Officer.

  • Where are Piper Aircraft manufactured?

    Piper Aircraft’s Vero Beach campus is where all Pipers are designed, engineered and built. Our address is 2926 Piper Dr, Vero Beach, FL 32960.

  • What kinds of aircraft does Piper make?

    Piper Aircraft manufactures a variety of personal, trainer and business aircraft that remain popular with novice and experienced pilots alike. For more information, browse our current models.

Our Aircraft

  • How much does a Piper aircraft cost?

    The price of any individual aircraft varies depending on the model and condition. Please contact a Piper Dealer near you to learn more and request a quote.

  • What is the fastest Piper aircraft?

    The Piper M600/SLS is our fastest aircraft in production, with a maximum cruise speed of 274 Ktas, or 507 km/h.

  • Are Piper aircraft safe?

    When it comes to aviation innovation, safety is top priority. All new Piper aircraft are outfitted with top-of-the line avionics suites for advanced control and security. For more details of safety features of individual aircraft, browse our current models.

  • How do I decide which Piper aircraft to buy?

    Different aircraft suit different needs — every Piper is unique! Check out our Aircraft Comparison Chart to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.